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About Us


We are thrilled to bring you a great selection of headbands and other hair accessories including the TieBand®,  our signature hair wrap. At Big Wide Headbands there is something for everyone.  Many of our headbands are unique and made with our own selections of fabrics. Quantities being offered are limited, so if you see something that you just gotta have, don’t wait.  Seriously!  This is not a sales pitch. We would hate to see you miss out and end up being disappointed.

Our wide headbands are made with a curve at the top which is different from headbands you will find elsewhere. What does this mean exactly?  Since heads are not square, they tend to be smaller towards the top therefore we design our wide headbands with a curve at the top eliminating the unattractive gap when you wear them and complimenting the curve above your nape.

Check back often to see new products and catch updates in our Blog.

Enjoy your visit.

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